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Hezhi is a princess, daughter of a royal family whose line was founded by the god known as the River. Her blood is not only royal, it is magic, with a power that will not become known until she approaches adulthood. As she grows into her gift, she will take her place in court—or be judged unworthy and cast into the darkness below the palace.

When Hezhi’s cousin D’en is kidnapped by the priests and taken below, Hezhi vows to rescue him. But he is trapped in the domain of the River, and she will need a hero to help her find her way in the dark.

Perhaps that hero is Perkar, a barbarian who has fallen in love with the goddess of the stream. When the River threatens to destroy Perkar’s love, he embarks on a quest that will take him to Hezhi’s side to do battle with a god.


The daughter of the emperor, Hezhi has been blessed with untold strength: powers that could change the world. Fearful of this teenage upstart, the god known as the River demands that she be brought in line—or put to death, as all who challenge the River must be. He sends an assassin to follow her, but with the help of a barbarian named Perkar, Hezhi fights back—and nearly destroys the River altogether.

She flees the city, striking out into the wilderness in hopes of finding a safe haven beyond the reach of the River’s agents. But no matter where she goes, Hezhi cannot find peace. When she meets the River’s brother, the trickster known as the Blackgod, he offers a way to destroy the River at the source. Caught between two warring deities, Hezhi must learn to master her power—or watch as the world is consumed by water.



Weaving a “richly detailed tapestry, steeped in American Indian myth and lore” (Booklist) as well as sword and sorcery, New York Times–bestselling author Greg Keyes has created an unforgettable “epic fantasy world of myth and magic reminiscent of Terry Brooks’ work” (Library Journal).

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                      FOOL WOLF

Thrust into periless action by his father’s spirit and his village’s shaman, Fool Wolf, perhaps the laziest of heros in his father’s eyes, must face his battles, or face the wrath of his ancestors.

In this collection of short stories by Greg Keyes, Fool Wolf is thrown into the mercy of the gods of whom he worships and loaths. He is forced to defend himself against the destiny that he is to fulfill.

The mysteries of his ancestors is brought to light as Fool Wolf traverses the vast empire of his people’s land in search of answers, both surprising and expected. He must face his gods and goddesses and they use his body as a vessel to due their biddings.

Fool Wolf’s tale is one of extraordinary feats that allows him to overcome his dark and secretive past that plays a toll on what is to come.

Book no. 4
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